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Angeland | Book a whole homeAngeland | Book a whole home
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How does it work?

1. Find the perfect accommodation

Whatever you are looking for,a hospitable host, or an entire house, you will find it here. Enter the destination, dates of travel and the available budget, and the list of available accommodations will appear.

2. Proceed to booking

When you find the place that suits you, verify the dates you want to stay and the people who will be staying, and pay safely through the services provided by Angeland.

3. The time of travel

Feel comfort and safety whatever your destination. Learn more


Angeland has countless spaces that can accommodate you, all over Greece. All we ask of you, is to enter destination and dates you wish to travel and will open before you a list of all accommodations fulfilling the specifications to choose what suits you.

More search tools

For each accommodation that is registered in our database are posted photographs, information about the host (if it is to rent extra rooms) and reviews. In order to help you find more easily the ideal place, there are filters to the type of accommodation, number of people staying and the price.


Once you select the ideal place you proceed to reservation so that is no longer available on the dates you have selected. Once you make the reservation, we send your confirmation email.


Once the reservation is made, you proceed to the payment through paypal. Then we send email for payment and the reservation you made.

Before your arrival

Before the date of travel contact us to discuss the place and time of key exchange.

During the journey

In the case a problem occurs in the rental during your vacation, do not hesitate to contact us for help.


Once your journey reaches the end, write your review on the accommodation and our services. Angeland is at your disposal for your next destination.